​​No Sleep Adventures is an adventure racing team and outdoor adventure promoter based in Southwestern Indiana. We're an advocate for all outdoor adventure sports and focus on teamwork, leadership, positive attitude, physical/mental strength, and growth. 

No Sleep Adventures is led by veteran racers and directors John Farless & Brian Fribley. No Sleep Adventures team members have been involved in the sport of Adventure Racing since 2006 as Team No Sleep, and started participating in race management in 2010. With more than 14 years of racing, and 10 years of course design experience we know the ins and outs of a great race. 

Our primary goals are to promote awareness of Adventure Racing, facilitate memorable experiences in nature through events & programs that cater to the experienced racer as well as outdoor enthusiast, and to educate those just being introduced to adventure racing & outdoor sports. 

Join us for the June 2021 No Sleep Adventure in the Shawnee National Forest! 


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Whether you're a seasoned racer or just getting into or hearing about the sport, you won't want to miss Eco-Challenge Fiji: The World's Toughest Race, which airs on Amazon this fall. Follow along commentary, reports and much more from US teams that were there for the big race! The United State Adventure Racing Association, USARA, has put together a fantastic resource to get an insider track on the race and teams. ECO-CHALLENGE FIJI COVERAGE