2018 No Sleep Adventure Gear List
Mandatory Individual Gear (to be carried by each racer at all times)

  • Knife with 2.5” (or longer) locking blade
  • Whistle
  • Compass
  • Copy of Photo ID
  • Means to carry 2 liters of water per racer (bladder or bottles)
  • Headlamp with spare batteries
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Lighter or Waterproof Matches
  • Backpack (large enough carry all mandatory gear)
  • 2 Glow Sticks with zip ties
  • Race Provided Number (visible at all times on pack or outer clothing)

Mandatory Bike Gear (helmet must be worn at all times while on bike)

  • Mountain Bike (no cyclocross)
  • Bike-Specific Helmet (CPSC approved)
  • Front White Light mounted to handlebars (headlamp is not sufficient) (24-hour only)
  • Red Flashing Light on rear of bike
  • Tire Pump or CO2 Inflator (one per team)
  • Repair Tool (one per team)
  • Spare Inner Tube (at least one per person)
  • Bike Gloves

Mandatory Team Gear (to be carried at all times)

  • Waterproof Map Case
  • UTM Plotter (1:24 scale)
  • Pen or other writing utensil (waterproof recommended)
  • Water Purifier or Water Purification Tablets for entire team (teams should be prepared to acquire water from wild sources)
  • Fully-Charged Cell Phone in good working order
  • Waterproof Case for cell phone
  • Lighter or other Waterproof Fire Starter
  • 10-foot or longer piece of rope or webbing (24-hour only)
  • Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight .7 - Or build First Aid Kit containing the following contents: (8) 2x2 or 3x3 sterile dressing, (2) 3x4 non adherent sterile dressing, (1) conforming gauze bandage, (4) 1x3 adhesive bandage, (3) knuckle adhesive bandage, (1) tape ½"x 10 yards, (1) swift wrap elastic bandage, (8) 200mg. Ibuprofen, (2) antihistamine (Diphenhydramine), (1) moleskin, (5) towelettes, (3) antibiotic ointment, (3) butterfly closure bandage, (2) pair nitrile gloves, (1) tweezer, (3) safety pins, (1) duct tape (1) waterproof bag for all.

Mandatory Paddling Gear (PFD must be worn at all times on water)

  • Canoes will be provided (All canoes have three seats)
  • Single Blade Paddles and PFDs will be provided. (You may bring your own paddles and PFDs. However, you may be required to stage them and/or carry them for a portion of the race.)
  • Two 12-hr Glow Sticks per boat (minimum) (24-hour only)
  • 4 Zip Ties (per team) (24-hour only)
  • Strobe light (flashing headlamp fulfills this requirement) (one per team) (24-hour only)

Mandatory Climbing Gear (24-hour only)

  • Climbing Harness - UIAA Approved (per racer)
  • (2) Locking Carabiners (per racer)
  • Figure 8 or ATC device (per racer)
  • Helmet (Climbing or Bike is OK)(per racer)
  • Gloves – Bike Gloves OK (leather recommended) (per racer)
  • (1) 24” Sewn Nylon Sling or daisy chain (per racer)

Recommended Gear

  • Food for entire race (up to 8 or 24 hours) including electrolyte replacement
  • Insulating Layer Top & Bottom (poly pro,wool, fleece, etc)
  • Money
  • Long Pants
  • Synthetic Hat
  • Dry Bag / Trash Bag
  • Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Sun Glasses
  • Skin lubrication to prevent chaffing
  • Bike odometer/speedometer (more than 1 per team suggested)
  • Bike Tire Patch Kit
  • Duct Tape
  • 10-foot Section of Rope

Prohibited Equipment

  • GPS (Spot Trackers without a display screen are allowed)
  • Fire arms
  • Maps other than those provided by the race organization
  • Communication devices other than sealed cellular phone
  • Motorized means of transport
  • Night Vision

Gear list is subject to change. Please check gear list prior to race.